Devisadero Peak Loop Trail

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The Devisadero Peak Loop Trail is an advanced mountain bike trail near downtown Taos that features tight, rocky sections, and decent climbs and descents.

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Syd Schulz

Destination Distance From Downtown

2.6 miles


4 of 5 diamonds


Time To Complete

1.5 hours for one loop



Dog Friendly

Not Recommended

Fees Permits


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This is a trail for advanced riders who want to challenge themselves both climbing and descending. Park in the El Nogal Parking lot and cross Route 64 to access the trailhead. Devisadero is a lollypop shape loop and the top loop can be ridden in both directions for a different experience each way. 
Riders should expect tight, rocky sections and punchy climbs on the ascent, some flat rock gardens along the ridge, and difficult rock features on the descent. In other words, only ride this trail if you like rocks. Locals like to talk about the "keyhole," an oddly shaped rock feature where the rider has to thread their front tire carefully through two pointy rocks (the keyhole) to avoid burying the front wheel and going over the bars. If you ride the keyhole, you get automatic bragging rights in the Taos mountain bike community! 

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Devisadero Peak Loop Trail

Taos, NM,
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