Box Spring Trail

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Charles Miles

Destination Distance From Downtown

19.9 miles


5 of 5 diamonds


Time To Complete

10.5 miles round trip/4-5 hours


This hike is located in the Santa Catalina Mountains near Tucson, Arizona in the Pusch Ridge Wilderness. This is a rugged, sometimes off-trail hike. But the reward at the end is worth it. Sabino Canyon is fun to explore in either direction - but don't miss the box and big pools 5-10 minutes downstream! Park at the Box Camp Trailhead. Take the Box Camp Trail about 1.8 miles, the Box Spring Trail is a well worn trail - marked with cairns - to the right. While there are a few downed trees the Box Camp Spring Trail is easy walking to a small saddle. From the saddle the trail begins to descend - while the trail is easy to follow it is often steep loose dirt with unstable rocks. In addition to the poor trail you should also be prepared for the thorny plants that have grown over the trail. While the thought of the water in Sabino Canyon is more attractive in the warmer months this hike might best be done in pants and long sleeves. The trail eventually takes you into a small drainage - the bottom of this drainage was not the original trail, but at this point is likely the best option for continuing down to Sabino Canyon - BE CAREFUL, this drainage has quite a bit of loose rock and debris!! As you follow the drainage you will continue to see occasional cairns. Travel along the drainage is slow (plenty of fallen trees, brushy areas and debris), but I prefer it to the trail above... Watch out for Poison Ivy. The drainage becomes nicer as you get closer to Sabino Canyon and move out of the area burned in the 2003 Aspen Fire. Near the intersection with Sabino Canyon note the nice campsite (likely south of where you meet Sabino Canyon) and beautiful old trail sign. NOTE: Both Printed Maps below show the Box Spring Trail as a 'Trail' - NOT ACCURATE, this is currently at best a 'route' and likely better described as an off-trail hike. For more information:

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Box Spring Trail

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