Hurricane Creek Park - Mountain Biking

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One of Tuscaloosa's hidden gems. Regularly maintained mountain biking trails well suited for hikers, runners, and pet owners alike.

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Michael Lambert


4.3 miles

Destination Distance From Downtown

7.2 miles


2 of 5 diamonds

The North and South loop are suitable for trail enthusiasts of all skill levels, while the trail entrance and APCO road routes contain short, steep climbs that some might find challenging.

Time To Complete

1 hours

An average mountain biker should have no problem completing the entire course in an hour.


All Seasons

Dog Friendly


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When it comes to mountain biking destinations in west Alabama, there are those well-trodden and populated locales that one should familiarize themselves with. Finding oneself on a trail surrounded by like-minded individuals, for example, can be a rewarding experience. Hurricane Creek Park, however, is best suited for those seeking the hidden gems off the beaten path and not listed in the typical guidebook. Catering to those who seek out adventure on the fringe or beyond the edge of the map, this recreational trail offers mountain bikers single and double track sure to please beginners and experts alike.

What Makes It Great

Hurricane Creek's 4.3 mile trail system is nested within pine-scented evergreens and scrub oak trees which create the pastoral landscape made famous in the minds and imaginations of those who have visited locations south of the bug-line. While the North and South loops are best-suited for beginners (no daunting climbs or technical terrain) the trailhead entrance and APCO road portions offer a slightly more challenging ride.

The trail is composed of silty-to-sandy soil kept clean and free of debris by the hands and hearts of WAMBA. Vistas of the creek and the possibility of visits from reptilian friendlies should be enough to lure any would-be visitor, but if you find yourself still unconvinced of what Hurricane Creek has to offer, consider the following: flying solo through pristine, 80% singletrack under dappled sunlight on a perfect 70 degree fall day in west Alabama.

Still not convinced?

How about this: you and your significant other find yourselves serenely spent after a forty-five minute jaunt on the trail only to find yourselves confronted by the beautiful possibility of soaking tired legs and feet in the cool water found along the banks of Hurricane Creek.

Come on in, the water is fine.

Who is Going to Love It

These trails are best suited for those seeking a new adventure that is both off the beaten path while remaining accessible - both in terms of the level of difficulty as well as the fact that this park lies within a 15-minute drive from downtown t-town. The trail is well maintained year-round, easy enough for beginners, while also offering a challenge for those who wish to push the limits of their physical abilities. Sick and tired of the often overpopulated Munny Sokol and Lake Lurleen State Park? Your answer lies here: Hurricane Creek Park.

Directions, Parking, & Regulations

A short drive from downtown Tuscaloosa along Old Birmingham Highway/Highway 216, the recent addition of paved parking makes the trip all the more enjoyable and convenient. As this park is not found on Google maps or the like, keep a weathered eye on the road to the left immediately after passing the Peterson United Methodist Church. A short walk up from the paved parking spaces lies the trailhead.

The park is closed to motorists and those on horseback.

From the general information signage:

"Take only pictures, leave only tracks, and kill only time while using the trails."

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Hurricane Creek Park - Mountain Biking

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