Davis Memorial Wildlife Refuge

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davis memorial

Today we hiked the Davis Memorial Wildlife Refuge in North Kingstown. Not only did we hike, we also decided to try our luck fishing the Hunt River which is stocked with Trout, so today is a double header. This is a place where my dad took me as a kid to fish & hike the trails, and if you like history, it has some. I haven’t been here in many years but since it’s almost the 4th of July we thought it would be great to hike to the Town of N. Kingstown Historical Cemetery #6.

We began from the small dirt parking area beside Davisville Road, grabbed our packs and headed in. The trail is un-blazed but wide in the beginning and well worn throughout.


Mostly padded with Pine needles the trail starts wide following along the Hunt River with a few ups and downs. The river can be seen through some clearings at various points before the trail turns and begins to thin out into a single track. At about a 1/2 mile the trail exits the woods onto a power company access rd.


We continued on the access road for a few yards passing by the massive high tension poles when the trail again re-entered the woods on the right side (There are a few different trails here not mapped & un-blazed). This section seemed to be off the beaten path. Easy enough to follow, we’re now hiking downhill with the trail becoming more dense and overgrown. Ultimately we re-ascend the hill emerging back onto the same access road as before. We’re about a mile from where we started and after looking around, we see other trails entering the woods and the access road continues on.

I’m sure now I have missed the cemetery that my dad showed me as a kid and decided to walk the access road back to the spot where we first encountered the power poles . Once there we discovered a trail that would lead us to the open field I’ve been looking for with N. Kingstown historical cemetery #6.


Here lies Joshua Davis Major in the 2nd Rhode Island Militia and Revolutionary war veteran.

“Joshua was born November 10, 1742 and died in 1829. Joshua continued the family mill and acquired the appellation of “Major” based on his service in the Revolution: in May, 1775 he was promoted to Major in the Rhode Island Colonial Militia for the 2nd Regiment of King’s (Washington) County. In 1779, he was one of two deputies representing North Kingstown in the General Assembly. He was a Justice of the Peace for North Kingstown from 1774 to 1785.” – RIHS.org -


Not knowing how well this site was maintained I was sure to pack an American flag with me just in case the grave wasn’t flagged; It appears it’s well taken care of.

The Army National Guards Camp Fogarty is nearby, we could hear them shooting on the range making the time we spent here taking in the view and reflecting on the sacrifices of our countries veterans complete.


Above is a view of the cemetery from the trail. Below someone appears to be working on removing a blow down or building a mountain bike obstacle…………


It wasn’t long before we reached the trail head again and the car exchanging our hiking poles for fishing poles! We explored a few of the side trails along the river settling on this spot and fished for a couple of hours with no luck. Not a single bite!


If your looking for a bit of history, to do a little fishing, canoe, kayak or hike a couple of miles you should check it out because it can all be done here. Happy 4th of July and thank you to all who serve & have served to secure our freedom.

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Davis Memorial Wildlife Refuge

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