Great Swamp Management Area

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Emily O'Donnell

Destination Distance From Downtown

5.0 miles


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Time To Complete

1-2 hours


A while back Zach and I decided to explore the 3349 acre Great Swamp one morning before I headed off to work. We tossed our packs and day glow orange into the car and went down to the swamp. It was especially foggy that morning and there was a light mist. We hike rain or shine so we parked the car and hit the trail, camera ready.

 The fog was spectacular! It hovered over snow on the ground and the ice on the ponds. We chose the trials surrounding the ponds, away from most of the hunting spots. Everything seemed very gloomy and grey, much like a murder-mystery movie. We half expected to see Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson run out of the red maple and cedar trees chasing the hound of the Baskervilles.

Above us, we heard the faint honk of Canada Geese but all we saw was the thick haze of the morning. We saw a few people walking dogs on the trail but thanks to the eerie fog, they seemed more like ghosts! Electric lines run through one of the ponds, and one set of poles are home to two large osprey nests. We followed the trail as it turned into the woods where wildflowers rule in the spring and summer. As we head towards the car we could hear the faint sound of guns from the shooting range and hunting spots. You can spend a couple of hours wondering through the swamp or spend the whole day. You can go in the foggy gloom of winter or the bright sunshine of summer. The swamp will still surprise you.

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Great Swamp Management Area

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