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  1. 5 Best West Virginia Battlefields to Explore

    When it comes to the Civil War and other historic battles, WV is a historic hotspot. If you like your outdoor adventures with a side of history, these 5 West Virginia state parks are sure to put a smile on your face as you break a sweat.

  2. A Stargazer's Guide to the Green Bank

    If you often find yourself staring at the sky on a starry summer night, definitely plan a trip to Green Bank’s National Radio Quiet Zone in West Virginia.

  3. 6 West Virginia Mountain Hikes That Aren't Really Hikes

    Take a break from your go-to trail classics and hop on one of these hikes that are— well, not actually a hike. Trek on these wild, wonderful stairs, ladders, bridges and more

  4. Cyclin' the Capital City of West Virginia

    From scenic river paths to more urban routes, West Virginia will not disappoint when it comes to biking. Whether you’re after an epic all-day ride or just an efficient way to get downtown, Charleston has a wide variety of bike routes.

  5. 8 Reasons Why West Virginia is the Best of the Appalachian Trail

    The extensive 2,200-mile AT weaves through West Virginia twice, first skirting 20 miles along the Virginia border in the ruggedly remote southern part of the state, and then traveling 4 miles through the eastern panhandle.

  6. Profile: Bryan Kelly, Owner of Angler's Inn

    This Victorian bed and breakfast is nestled right by the Potomac and Shenandoah rivers, known for some of the best smallmouth bass fishing in the nation, only 1 hour from Washington, DC.

  7. A Guide to the West Virginia Mountain Bike Association Race Series

    The WVMBA has helped grow mountain biking during the past 30 years by introducing people to some of the East Coast’s best trails for MTB.

  8. What makes the Gauley River’s Pillow Rock Rapid “The Best 10 Seconds in American Whitewater?"

    We were floating in a calm pool above Pillow Rock Rapid, one of the Gauley’s famed Big 5. Pillow Rock is the big dog, making it the wildest ride on one of the biggest whitewater rafting stages on Earth.

  9. Your Guide to New River Gorge SUP Race

    Grab a board and hit the waves— in a land-locked state. West Virginia’s lakes and rapids are perfect for the nation’s trendiest watersport: stand-up paddleboarding, which has its roots in surfing.

  10. Scuba Diving in a Landlocked State

    Landlocked states don’t have a reputation for diving. But one local wasn’t going to let that stop her from chasing her passion.

  11. Explore Hatfield & McCoy Lore and Country on the Water

    There’s a new way to explore America’s best-known family feud. We’re talking, of course, about the Hatfields and the McCoys.

  12. The Best Climbing for Kiddos in WV

    It’s not just physical exercise. The sport will also require your kids to use their brain power to figure out the best way up the wall. Lucky for you, West Virginia is home to a variety of well-known climbing camps and clinics for children.

  13. 6 Waterfalls You Can Paddle Over

    West Virginia is known for its mountains and world-class whitewater rivers, and when that wild water tumbles over those hills, hold on for one heck of a ride!

  14. 6 Accessible River Spots to Launch your Boat in WV

    The most scenic and exciting boat launches in the Mountain State.

  15. Think tubes mean calm, aimless floating? Think again!

    Whitewater tubing in the Potomac and Shenandoah River Area

  16. Surf's Up on West Virginia's Rivers

    You don't need an ocean to shred waves in WV. The New River Gorge is the East Coast’s hub for shredding the surf on wild river waves.

  17. Try West Virginia’s “Epic” Mountain Biking Adventure for Yourself

    Try West Virginia's “Epic” mountain biking adventure for yourself.

  18. Channel Your Evil Knievel Downhill Mountain Biking at Snowshoe Ski Resort in the Summer

    Mountain biking at Snowshoe is a lot like going to a big-kid amusement park. And fun factor is magnified ten-fold because you are in control of how rowdy the ride gets, so let your inner Evil Knievel out to play!

  19. 7 Off-the-Grid Camping Spots in WV

    Escape the crowds and experience the remote, rugged wilderness of West Virginia. Forget overcrowded campsites! The next time you explore the rugged West Virginia wilderness, check out our list of under-the-radar campsites.

  20. 5 WV Adventure Festivals Not to Miss

    Here’s a list of the 5 can't-miss festivals that will keep you going long after the party ends

  21. 5 Days in the New River Gorge with Kids

    The New River Gorge isn’t just for adrenaline junkies. It’s a great place for family vacations, too. These 5 family-friendly activities cover everyone's taste for adventure.

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