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Why Become a RootsRated Writer?

We believe, and you might agree, that the outdoor discovery process is deeply fragmented and unreliable. There is no trustworthy platform that makes local outdoor discovery simple at a national or global scale. (Ever tried to Google “best trail running in San Diego” or “best climbing in Seattle” and been directed to a Yelp review or to a personal blogpost written by Hairy Joe way back in 2003? Yeah… that kind of fragmented and unreliable.)

That’s why we created RootsRated: to totally change the game when it comes to discovering great places to go outdoors.

By becoming a contributor and working with us, and our team of local experts, you’ll have the chance to help revolutionize the way people find outdoor recreation. You’ll also have the opportunity to build your resume and become a published writer for a growing online publication in the outdoor space.

What Are We Looking For?

Do you need to have stories published in the Post or Paris Review to submit? Publishing cred doesn’t hurt, but we’re more interested in the right fit.

We want contributors who are passionate about places; people who know the locations they’re covering like the back of their hand; who can write intelligently and with passion in a way that enhances and extends the voice of RootsRated.

And last, we want people who can instantly connect with our readers. Users of our site and app are looking for something new, an experience that is both off the beaten path and off the charts. We want to take them straight to the sweet spot.

What You Get

  • Collaboration with a professional editor to review and improve your work
  • Access to our network of local retailers and outdoor experts around the country
  • Published work in a growing outdoors publication
  • Compensation on a per piece basis
  • A ready-made community of outdoors lovers to share your city’s sweetest crags, best views, and coolest trails

How it Works

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Follow the link to our Writer Application, and fill out all the necessary fields. The more you share, the better we’ll be able to assess your talent.

Sit Back and Relax

A member of our editorial team will review your application and get back to you within 3 days with feedback and potential steps for moving forward.

Moving Forward

If your application is accepted, one of our editors will follow up with additional instructions and assignments.

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